– tech art stuff

I am a final year university student aspiring to become a Technical Artist in the game/film industry. Experience in scripting for DCC (C#, C++, Python), simulations, shader development (HLSL) and general knowledge of modelling, texturing and game dev.

Houdini FX / DCC Tools

Procedural Vine Growth Tool
Houdini Spaceship Generator
Ivy & Tree Generator for Unreal Engine
RBD/FLIP Simulation
Maya City Generator Tool

Shader / Graphics Programming

Volumetric Cloud Unity Shader
Neural Style Transfer Post-Processing Effect
A Simple OpenGL Renderer

Environment / Modelling / Cloth

Radio Head – An Unreal Short Animation
Bratislava – Unity Low-Poly Environment
Mage Armor – Marvelous Designer
Tainted Seaman – 3D rigged model
Sci-Fi Firearm

Game Development – Assets, Effects, Programming

Switch Drive – 48-hour Solo Game Jam
Moral Kombat – 48-hour Team Game Jam
Epochalypse – 72-hour Game Jam