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A collection of all the links / videos / wikis I have found throughout working in VFX.

Mostly for personal use so it’s quite messy, but feel free to add your own links in the comments!

CG Wikis

cgwiki (tokeru.com) – CG wiki made by a Senior Houdini Artist at Google. Biggest focus on Houdini with all concepts explained easily with example files provided! My no. 1 source for learning advanced Houdini topics

jtomori (jtomori) / Repositories (github.com) – VEX tutorials, VFX pipeline starter guides and other cool projects

CG Knowledge Library – Cnidaria – Houdini & related CG notes

Welcome to the wiki – Agastya FxTD Wiki – another scripting / Houdini wiki

More VFX Help | Kate Xagoraris | Ontario – Great wiki with Houdini/Maya tips, some cool Physics/Maths in CG projects – quantum physics



John Kunz – VEX Attribute Glossary – great collection of global variables in VEX

Toadstorm Nerdblog – The joy of xyzdist() and primuv() – the 2 most used/helpful VEX functions explained

jtomori/vex_tutorial: – A collection of code snippets and examples showing syntax and capabilities of VEX language inside SideFX Houdini


Copying and instancing point attributes (sidefx.com) – always go back to this when instancing in Houdini

Simon Verstraete – Houdini Blog #25: Multi-parameters (artstation.com) – creating and accessing multi-param blocks

promoting tool interfaces | Forums | SideFX – setting editable nodes inside HDAs

On Growth and Form – Work in Progress – od|forum (odforce.net) – some cool shapes created using Houdini & VEX

Examples · kiryha/Houdini Wiki (github.com) – wiki with examples for achieving some interesting procedural growth, hair clumping, instancing, alembic copies, animating along paths

Geometry – SideFX Labs Public Roadmap | Product Roadmap (productboard.com) – Nice way to check all the cool nodes inside SideFX Labs package

RBD Workflows in Houdini (katexagoraris.com) – Title

Video tutorials

ATTRIBUTE PAINT | H18 MASTERCLASS on Vimeo – great in-depth look at attribute paint and how to embed it in custom assets

Blue Bubble Bursting Pins (bubblepins.com) – great Youtube channel for introduction to some Houdini workflows

HDK, Python & Programming

ArtStation – Houdini Scripted Menus. Making your HDA’s Menus Dynamic. – changing HDA menus through .json files

Creating a simple C++ OpenVDB node in HDK – Trying to make things properly (wordpress.com) – Title, nice intro to HDK

Snippets | James Robinson 🌊 (jamesrobinsonvfx.com) – Houdini python snippets

NVIDIA’s Warp for Houdini (christophercrouzet.com) – NVIDIA Python CUDA implementation inside Houdini

Accelerating Your Hdk Project with CUDA – FX blog by Sergen Eren

Math & Physics

Point, Line, Plane (paulbourke.net) – calculations for minimum distances between combinations of point, line & plane

Understanding Turbulence – Michael’s blog (wordpress.com) – learn how Turbulence works in relation to CG and pyro sims

Changing Camera resolution but keep the same resolution gate | Forums | SideFX – Computing horizontal aperture from vertical one

TD General

Programs Normal map OpenGL or DirectX – Marcel van Duijn – which software uses which type of Normal mapping – DirectX and OpenGL differ in the G channel (OpenGL is inverse)

VFX Reference Platform: Home Page (vfxplatform.com) – set of tool and library versions to be used as a common target platform for building software for the VFX industry


Radix Sort Revisited (codercorner.com)

Graphics Programming

Learn OpenGL – Perfect start for anyone wanting to get into OpenGL

Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming (paroj.github.io) – Advanced OpenGL

Home – Vulkan Guide (vkguide.dev) – Vulkan Guide

Normal Mapping Shadows (NMS) (enbdev.com)

vinjn/awesome-vulkan: Awesome Vulkan ecosystem (github.com)

Creating a Volumetric Ray Marcher (shaderbits.com)

apoorvaj.io – Blog of a senior graphics programmer at Unity, cool posts

VFX Salary / Job postings

Job Board 2.0

Animation/VFX/Game Industry Job Postings – Google Drive

SaltyAnimators Salary Collection

VFX Salaries – m

Rebelway Jobs Board

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