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Radio Release – UE4 Animated Short

Radio Release is a 3-month group project I had the opportunity to work on this year! It is a short 30-second animation rendered entirely in Unreal Engine 4.
As a technical director, I was responsible for handling most of the visuals and technicalities of creating such a short, and as this was a great opportunity to expand my skillset, I tried to do as much as possible;

I created the main character model, overlooked some of the rigging, set up groom physics, RBD destruction, particle effects, vertex shaders for creating foliage wind reactions, created procedural tools for generating trees and ivy, did some of the animation and overlooked all the work inside Unreal Engine. There are some more bits that I helped out with, but in a nutshell it was a busy couple of months ‘:D

Nonetheless I am really happy with how the project turned out and hope you enjoy it as much as I did working on it.

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